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Havelange during his tenure, Sepp Blatter, FIFA officials. In 1998, he Ze Joao Havelange became FIFA's "Patriarch" 13th, Germany Soccer fifa 15 coins League President Laubal on the grounds of corruption, publicly asked Blatter to resign, but was refused by Blatter. Blatter said he did not condone corrupt practices, and is likely to run for the next FIFA President. Representative meeting of the AFC, unanimously adopted a resolution, all Member States a soccer contest held every four years, the "World Championship". In 1929, during plenary Congress of FIFA, President Jules Rimet announced World Cup (World Cup) was born: "we will hold a worldwide contest, all members of the team will share the event. "Ever since, except during World War II due to closure of the war outside the FIFA members are held once every four years the World Cup extravaganza in the 30 's of the last century, held a total of three times in the World Cup. His deep knowledge of media outreach and advocacy role. He has a passion for football, is the France Football Federation predecessor France Soccer Federation's General Secretary in the media became interested in work experience qualified him for football, he dreamed of becoming a football promotion world people enjoy sports. In 1903, the Green's commitment to the creation of an International Federation of association football.