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After the game, it was already late, so saidiqi fifa coins is straightforward. Redondo's pride makes him ashamed to say what works, kind of thing, so look at the Redondo their attitude "idea in my career, my price quote? "Redondo did not know what saidiqi means, find it very strange" I mean weight of individual honors, you don't tell me what to say La Liga best foreign aid, La Liga player, don't tell me what the Golden boot, what game the player category. That value is too low, I want to say to you for the European Footballer of the year and FIFA World Player, two awards have no idea! "He thought had gone awry, saidiqi direct saidiqi allowed fifadelivery Redondo eyes stare, still looked at saidiqi, but from his desk trembling hand he did not calm," you played in Europe for ten years, should know that European football is a kind of society. We completely unnecessary because the national team level stinks too much and feel that China is hosting the World Cup is not Blatter did not use the legitimacy principle held alternately on six continents will bid to host the World Cup to China, it was a mistake, he has been to South Africa, and Brazil back twice in infamy, finally didn't adhere to China. It's like the absent-minded candy, dissolving the acid out and couldn't wait to eat sweet, sugar fell. Rotation stops and it suddenly started the same absent-minded.