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Johansson accused him of FIFA as fifa 15 coins

Hired Zen-Ruffinen wrong on his own, he has made in public taboo to talk about FIFA again against Johansson accused him of FIFA as fifa 15 coins one of "private property", take advantage of the FIFA President to put on "show". Blatter such explained: I just some interesting novel of idea, never wants to had to limelight or extended hands of power and on Johansson said Blatter self-dealing, and borrowed FIFA of name for himself of political purposes service, Blatter refuted: Johansson of this a allegations no according to, FIFA "GOAL" plans is Executive Committee through of, being FIFA Executive of Johansson also has share also, on Johansson accused he attempts to weakened six continents AFC in FIFA internal of status and role, Blatter retorts: AFC actually occupies an important position within FIFA on six continents, has played an important role, but they should not meddle in, do something should have been done by FIFA's decision to stop direct contact under national, regional Football Association and FIFA in short, looking back on the 14Big "counts", actually can owned for three big class, first, Blatter attempts to weakened European AFC of forces, this is being European AFC President of Johansson most not willing to see of; second, Blatter as FIFA President, regardless of man also is governance faint enrollment full, not only no de and no only; third, Blatter ignored football movement of interests, on football movement of development contribution is less currently, FIFA internal struggle has entered to a new of stage, to Johansson led of "pour cloth sent" Has thrown a lot of the allegations against Blatter, such as bribery, malfeasance, but due to lack of evidence and is not convincing. Blatter, in the case of several allies defected to the rebellion still stubbornly resists, the direction is toward the enlargement of the conflict on both sides.