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The middle of the night 12 fifa 15 coins points off the a total of 24 games

In a total of 64 games, with Beijing time, the middle of the night 12 fifa 15 coins points off the a total of 24 games, at 3 points and 4 points off the a total of 29 games, 6 in the morning started 10 games, but it is the evening local time (Beijing time at 9 in the morning of the game actually only) D group is a group game, but the knockout stage of the tournament is almost always actually European night in prime time, usually in South America a lot of football are often placed at seven or eight in the evening local time, count the time difference with China, is almost seven or eight p.m. Beijing time this morning, this time is a relatively comfortable period for Chinese fans, can get up in the morning to watch. However, the FIFA taking into account the need for European fans and demands for broadcasters, will kick-off time in the afternoon local time, although convenient for European fans in the evening prime time watching, but bitter large Asian audiences including the Chinese fans for international football league schedule, there have been a lot of questions, think some a city of northern Brazil at noon or afternoon temperature is too high, forced the game may endanger the health of players. In this regard, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has moved out of the last century seventy or eighty's World Cup run in Latin America in the story: "football history has shown that great players can play in all circumstances.