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Let Hengda model goes beyond fifa coins trader football itself

Another champion, let Hengda model goes beyond fifa coins trader football itself, will in the future be mentioned again and again, this era has become inseparable memory a local football club events, has become a national and look forward to. In November 9, 2013, Hengda football club is likely to China takes the first AFC Champions League champion and world football developed areas and even neighboring countries such as Japan and South Korea football culture is completely different, from the Guangzhou Evergrande club, seems to be the whole Chinese football doping. In addition to the country foot, Hengda is CCTV news broadcast showed the highest frequency of the team. However Disasters pile up on one another., followed by a man named Paul at the age of 18 young players died in their sleep. In 2013 December had three players to death, this once again sounded the alarm in addition to the above three players outside the player killed tragedy of health, in recent years the shocking stadium tragedy too numerous to mention. In 2012 April in Italy and Livorno in Serie B Pescara, only 25 years old, Morosini suddenly fell to the ground, died in hospital later. This and the other has a fundamentally different, I do a lot of work for those learning disabilities, Special Olympics and these are the same, it can affect every family. The FA and David Burns in order to pursue them, doing great. (before the British guards, former England assistant coach Lao Rui Mike May Naimi).