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Guangzhou's bid to host fifa 15 coins the world cup

Hengda express bid, Guangzhou's bid to host fifa 15 coins the world cup to get an idea of the strong support of the Guangzhou City Hall, but subject to bid for the Club World Cup must be FIFA subordinate member units, Guangzhou itself does not have the qualification of bid. Guangzhou to host the world cup, we must face the FIFA application by China fa. Therefore, from the beginning of September last year, Guangzhou has two times to China Football Association official expressed willingness to bid for the Club World Cup, and received a positive response Chinese fa. When International Olympic Committee form a resolution in July, but the first step FIFA actual use "China Taipei" mode, and properly solve the membership problem on both sides of the in fact, before FIFA and International Olympic Committee, there has been an international sports organizations, in accordance with the "Chinese Taipei" model treated the problem of cross-strait membership. The sports organization is the international cycling union. Timothy Fok said that the International Cycling Union met in Holland to discuss the membership problem for China, when he was Secretary General of the Hongkong bicycle association.