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Asia retained its seats fifa 15 coins

Asia retained its seats. Other fifa 15 coins places distribution following: European a seats; South Americas a seats, also hosts Brazil automatically qualify finals stage game; African a seats (South Africa World Cup Shi due to hosts South Africa directly qualify, so has support African team out now World Cup finals circle); Oceania a seats; North Sino-US and the Caribbean a seats but qualifier additional game of against situation will to draw decided, and not zhiqian of Asia fifth name on Oceania champion, Fourth in the North and Central American and the Caribbean to South America fifth place in the annual competition in women's football World Cup bid, Canada's only rivals Zimbabwe for public infrastructure problems, bowed out, leaving Canada without a fight and wins the FIFA also announced, Canada will host the year of age of the women's World Cup. While age of years and years of men's soccer World Cup will be from Turkey and New Zealand held in addition, will retire later this month the FIFA Executive Committee position Germany football legend Franz Beckenbauer was appointed as leader of the task force.